Make money by Selling your Content

You can help other students by uploading solutions for homework questions and assignments. In turn you can make money every time someone downloads your document.


Other users can download the solutions for their homework and assignment instantly.

Follow the steps below and start making money-

1. Register and create account.
2. Go to Solution and select the subject you want to upload your file (If your subject is not available then drop us a mail).
3. Upload document (use the link "Upload to this category" on right top) and set your price.
4. Admin will review the document before publishing .
5. Solution document is published within 24 hours and ready for public download.
6. Every time someone downloads the document you get 80% of the amount received after Paypal fees.
7. Once you have $20 in your account, you can claim your payment using valid paypal account. Payments will be made very 30 days cycle.

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